CSRF Protection

In order to use the SAP Fiori launchpad on cloud API to modify objects, you must pass a valid CSRF token. You can get such a token by calling this URL. For more details on how to fetch the token, see the GET Request section.

Note: It is important to keep the session that is started with getting the token.


Retrieves CSRF token

Manage Custom UI5 version Interface [MUI]

Manages the SAPUI5 version for the account.


Gets the current configured SAPUI5 version for the account.


Adds/updates a new custom SAPUI5 version property for the account.


Removes the SAPUI5 custom version configuration for the account.


Get supported SAPUI5 versions

Manage Translation Interface (MTI)

The Manage Translation Interface (MTI) enables you to download the master_language.zip from your site, and to upload the properties file with the translated content back to the site. You can use this API for automating the translation process.


Uploads a zip file that contains the translated content (properties files) to a given site.


Downloads the master_language.zip file from a given site.